Who you are?

  • Hey! I'm Eva - digital artist since 2006. I have worked on many projects and have great artistic skills in many different directions, but every day I try to improve myself to become better and better!


What you draw and what you wont draw?

  • I will do all kinds of pin-ups and light nudity with man and woman, I will draw heavy armor and weapons, wings, highly detailed illustrations, concepts and design work, dynamic and action scenes, furries and animals.

  • I do not draw pron, nsfw, any bloody images, fetishes, oversized body parts (boobs and buttocks), hypertrophied anatomy and muscles.

  • i can't draw realistic faces from real people.


I want art from you, how can i get it?

  • At first you need to understand what you want. I draw in a many ways that try to show in my price list, but i want to be sure that we understand each other.

  • I don't accept commission idea that i'm not interesting in, so contact me first with your Idea via discord or email

  • In the very first message, describe your idea and what you want with a link to my gallery or price slots. I will not respond to any messages like "hi, do you take a commission, what is your price" and any uninformed messages - I get a lot of these emails, so if you describe your idea in the first message, you will have a better chance of being visible to me !

  • To get your place in a waiting list approved - you need made half or full payment.You also can asking for making a payment after  a first sketch  - i'm open to take payment after approved sketch in some times , but this is not a guarantee that I will not forget about you because i'm not putting you in a list and i have a huge list of request.

  • If you are my trusted commissioner - i will not asking for prepayment to put your in a list


Can i do a changes, fixes, and anything in a wips?

  • I accept a minor changes fro free like: change hairstyle, eye colors, hair color.

  • Pose, main idea, adding characters, clothes change - cost a price depends of level.


What type of payment you have?

  • Patreon via Paypal

  • (direct card payment)


What about timing and process? When i can see my art? Can you do it in a week?

  • Process: I made a sketch, you need to approve it, after that i will finish a render, if wips no need (if design work)

  • I can't guarantee that your drawing will be completed quickly so a regular commission can take anywhere from 1 week to several months - I paint when I have a strong inspiration for a particular idea so my drawing looks good because of that, I don't do it as a "job"

  • If you want art made quick - try to catch my YCH at Twitter, i made them in month quickly as possible

  • If you don't want to wait months, but want your art to be made in a week - increase the price by 70%, 2 weeks in advance + 50% of the final price.

  • Please DO NOT ask me all day "when will the art be done? What's the progress? Can I see the wip?" I hate this, please be patient - I really appreciate it, if I wanted to show you something - I'll do it immediately!


If i don't want commission anymore or my budget situation is changed?

  • I DON'T accept cancellations and refunds after starting the render of your image

  • You can asking refund after sketch done, but i will take 50$ for sketch or more, depends of how much i rendered your image.

  • If the sketch has not been started and you have not received any confirmation that I started your art - you can ask for a refund, but I will take $ 30 for your slot being waiting all this time and taking the place of another potential client.


I get my art now! Wow! And what about "Rights"?

  • You can do anything you want with your artwork - resale, print, gift - i actually don't care what you will do with it! Enjoy your art now!

  • I have full rights to sell Prints with your art, post it in all my social pages, use it in promotion and in my sites, place and monetize video making of, post all materials at my Patreon page.

  • I don't take any responsibility for what happens to your art after it's posted - if someone steals it as an avatar, uses it in an RPG and RP, starts selling it as NFT - It's not my problem, I won't waste time litigating.


Commercial projects, private work, game content

  • if you need the work to be private for your project/game/novel/comic/book - write about it in the very first message, because I publish my work in all my social media, and if you don't notify me of the status "private "- I'll post it and I won't delete it.

  • All private works that you do not allow to be published on my social networks - increase in price twice (at 100%) of the base price. And you will get all rights to the image and I will never publish it in my public galleries.

  • If you need commercial work that does not claim to be private - for example, book covers to be published, or any promotional material to be announced soon - the price will not increase if you guarantee that I can publish the work within not more than 6 months after the finished image.