My personal original characters

Mel - is a dark elf demon live in a postapocal modern fantasy world, little with future life devices. She is a child of street, mostly . She have strong indentity. She is proud and arrogant, the streets have made her heart cruel. Grow up on a street without parents, with her little friends with same story.​

        By Mavezar  By Kardie  By Hotarusen    

Her boyfriend Q


Eva - My Main OC, she is a Demoness. She works in a demonic office, where the main task is to seduce people into sin. Her area of ​​responsibility is cheating, she turns into human girls, and seduces men and women into cheating. She got this job after being a living girl in a fit of jealousy killed her unfaithful boyfriend and his mate, and then committed suicide. She's been offered a job in a demonic office as a work off for her sin, but she doesn't know that it only sinks her further into the abyss. Eva has already realized that she is doing bad things, but it is very difficult to get out of the shackles of a demonic contract. 

Her main representation - is a Smile while her soul is crying. She looks very happy and joyful, but noone know her pain.

         By Yasya